What You Need to Know .. about OpenBox

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OpenBox devices on InstaBid are almost new devices whose packaging seals have been broken, often in Flawless condition. They undergo thorough quality checks and are InstaCash Certified to ensure full functionality

Coming with around 7-11 months of Residual Brand Warranty, original accessories, and packaging, they offer an attractive value proposition for Retailers/Resellers eyeing competitive bids on premium tech.

These devices bridge the gap between brand-new and refurbished, catering to those seeking affordable yet high-quality smartphones & devices.

What to Expect?

Physical Condition:

  • OpenBox devices are in pristine or near-pristine condition.
  • The packaging seal has been broken but the device itself is in Flawless condition.

Quality Assurance:

  • They undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they're fully functional.
  • OpenBox devices on InstaBid are InstaCash Certified, showcasing their operational integrity.

WarrantyTypically come with around 7-11 months of Residual Brand Warranty, offering a safety net against unforeseen issues.

Accessories & Packaging:

  • Accompanied by all original accessories.
  • Encased in the original brand box, reaffirming their near-new status.

Ideal ForRetailers and resellers seeking premium tech at competitive bids.

PricingPriced lower than brand new devices, rendering them an attractive, value-driven option for bidders on InstaBid.

Whats the difference?

This table encapsulates the core distinctions among New, OpenBox, and Refurbished devices, aiding in making informed decisions while bidding on InstaBid.

ConditionBrand NewLike/Almost NewRestored to Full Functionality
WarrantyFull WarrantyAround 7-11 months of Brand WarrantyMay Vary, Typically Shorter
Packaging & AccessoriesOriginalOriginalMay Vary
Ideal ForEnd ConsumerRetailers/Resellers catering to attractive deals on affordable devicesBudget-conscious consumers
Quality AssuranceManufacturer’s StandardsInstaCash CertifiedProfessionally Inspected and Repaired
Previous UseNonePossibly Displayed or Briefly UsedUsed and Restored

Returns Policy & TnCs

At InstaBid, we prioritize the satisfaction and assurance of our bidders and sellers. Here’s our supportive return and support policy for OpenBox devices auctioned on our platform:

Full Functionality Assurance:

All OpenBox devices listed are fully functional, ensuring a seamless operation akin to brand new devices.

Warranty Coverage:

Our OpenBox devices carry around 7-11 months of residual brand warranty, providing a cushion against unforeseen malfunctions.

Original Packaging and Accessories:

Each device comes with its original box and accessories, reaffirming the near-new status of the OpenBox item.

Issue Resolution:

In the rare case of an issue with your OpenBox device that you, InstaBid extends a helping hand, within 7 days of delivery of device, in the following manner:

  1. Authorized Repairs: Just in case, if there is any funtional issue, We'll support you to have the device repaired at a brand authorized service centre, ensuring the restoration of its functionality.
  2. Replacement Provision: Should a replacement be necessary and available within our inventory, we'll provide a replacement device with the same specifications.
  3. Hassle-free Returns: If the aforementioned solutions don’t rectify the issue, we’ll initiate a return process, echoing our commitment to a trustworthy and satisfactory trading experience on InstaBid.
  4. Note: It is mandatory to initiate a video recording while unboxing the device. This recording is essential for validating claims regarding physical issues like cosmetic damage, a loose screen, or a non-original screen. Claims concerning these issues will not be entertained without a supporting unboxing video.

InstaBid is dedicated to fostering a transparent and secure auction environment, where the trading of OpenBox devices translates into mutually beneficial transactions for both buyers and sellers.

Visit: https://instabid.getinstacash.com/

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